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ARO42: Hirta, St Kilda: Archaeological Investigations

ARO42: Hirta, St Kilda: Archaeological Investigations

By Alan Hunter Blair

With contributions by Diane Alldritt, Torben Bjarke Ballin, Beverley Ballin Smith, Anthony Byledbal, Gemma Cruickshanks, Dave McNicol, Robin Murdoch, Christine Rennie, Catherine Smith and Erica Villis

MOD developments led to archaeological investigations on St Kilda. These involved historic building recording of existing MOD structures and the manse, a watching brief, an evaluation and the largest archaeological excavation undertaken on the island. The archaeological remains uncovered included relict agricultural soils, a canalised stream, other structural remains and artefacts. Radiocarbon dates suggest activity is from the middle Iron Age to the thirteenth century AD.

Key words: Iron Age, agricultural soils, canalised stream, pottery, lithics, stone tools.

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